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I just wanted an excuse to use this icon

Cuz I love me my Twilight. And snarky, nodding Twilight is better than average Twilight.

I do not want, in any way, shape or form, want to go grocery shopping. But I need to feed myself or something like that. Grrrr. Details. 

Friend Codes?

Apparently I'm very slow at playing this game as I only just got to the Friend Safari and am now desperate for more friend codes so I can catch cool Pokes!

My code is 3282-2247-5717

Add me if you haven't and let's be friends! ;3
*insert creepy thumbs up pose*


AmiAmi Anyone?

I think I'm going to place an order with AmiAmi since the exchange rate is pretty solid right now. Does anyone want anything?

Shipping with EMS with them is usually ~$40, so if you want something small I'd only charge you like $3-5 for shipping, depending on the size. Then obviously shipping from you to me. Please let me know if you want anything in the next few days! Most of the stuff I'm ordering will be available in October, so no pre-orders for November or later please. 

Ferret Questions

I know quite a few of you on here have pet ferrets (at least three people I can think of at least)... I have a friend who is interested in getting one and I told him I'd ask my "experts" about caring for one.

He's currently deciding between a ferret and a cat. I think he'd get more enjoyment from a ferret and that it'd be more personable. I can see where a cat would fit into his lifestyle, but they can be so dismissive of their owners. I really think a ferret would be good.

I used to work at a pet store that sold ferrets, but it's one of the few animals I've never directly owned. I know the Marshall's ferrets (aka pretty much every one you see for sale) need to be fed the Marshall's diet for their health warranty thing to be in effect. I know their droppings stink and they need multiple litter boxes around the house. I know they need around two hours of interactive play time a day or they go crazy. I know they enjoy stealing things. I know they need bathes every couple of weeks (once a week too much?) to keep their scent down and that there's additives you can get to help with that.

He works all day and then goes home and doesn't go out a whole lot otherwise. So he'll be home and is willing to play with one. It would need to be caged during the day (from about 7:30 until 5:30). Otherwise, it'll be out and about when he's home. He has plenty of space and not a lot of things for one to get into in his apartment; it's pretty sparce.

Can anyone give me some additional insights (or correct mine) into ferret care? Tips, tricks? Do you think this will work, or is a cat a better idea? I'm also interested in the general/estimated costs of owning a ferret. I know the bedding and food can add up, but what about vet bills and such? Do they have to have shots, or is it just recommended? Common health concerns? Really, I'll take anything I can pass along and I'd like to know as well! :)

Thanks guys <3

Paypal and Transfers

I feel like an idiot asking this, but I was just reading a reply by a member on a random sales post and it got me thinking about it.

I see people saying that they need to "transfer money to Paypal" very often and that'll it'll take a few days. Yeah, it does, but if it's attached to a bank account or a credit card, why do they do that? 

My paypal balance is almost always zero. I just send money and it takes it directly from my bank account. It takes Paypal a few days to deduct the funds from my bank, but then the person I'm sending money to gets it instantly without having to wait. 

So I guess my question is, am I missing something or not realizing other payment methods exist? 

The only think I can think of is that some user's parents control their Paypal account and give them an "allowance" on it, but that can't apply for too many people. 

OMG Reptiles!

Instead of cleaning Lolli's cage and my room, I'm updating my iHerp account! 
You all seem to be interested enough (or you're tricking me well enough...) in my reptiles, so I thought I'd share the link to my profile!


I'm working on it now... I have a few new geckos I picked up yesterday to add: two Cresteds and a new Leopard Gecko! 

PS: pheonixxfoxx, I got Cadence! THANK YOU! :D






Your weekly gecko update...

Petco has Crested Geckos for 50% off right now until June 16th. Booyah. 
So last Thursday I went on a "Crestie-run", aka let's go to all the Petcos in the Raleigh area. 

Petco #1 didn't have any cool ones... nor did Petco #2, but the employee at the second store told me to go to Knightdale (my next stop) because they had some nice ones. Pffft, I'm there! AND THEY DID. They had quite a few very nice little cresties, but this little guy won my heart:

$25 for a cute creamy partial-pin? YES. He doesn't have a name yet and I'm totally open to suggestions!
There was a PetSmart in the next plaza over and Petco didn't have the size Kritter Keeper I wanted, so I decided to jump over there (plus, discount!). They had two cages of Cresties (I thought my store was the only one who did that...), one had two babies in it and the other had a gorgeous dark flame male! PetSmart is also having a 30% off reptile sale, so he was $48.99, plus my 15% employee discount... hmmmm sounds like a deal! So I grabbed him, lots of decor, and walked out with my wallet sobbing.

I got a surprising amount of compliments on him from people on Pangea forums. I thought he was pretty, but people are loving him! o_o He does have a decent amount of white on his sides, which I like! He is also nameless until I can find a good name!

I don't know if I shared this, but my first clutch hatched! Pam texted me on the 26th to let me know that one of my babies was here, but its clutchmate didn't make it. :( She sent me a picture- he just wasn't fully formed and didn't "cook" quite right. His egg had leaked a few weeks ago, so there was definitely something wrong. But, the other one popped out and is just wonderful! Meet Carissima!

I'm still not sure who the mother is, but it has Kuu's eyes/face. (Yes, I'm crazy) Either way, I cannot wait to meet this little bugger! I'm a little less two weeks away! And I have another clutch that should be hatching any day as well! They were laid 15 days after this one, so they should be ready soon! I also may have put Moose with Pinako a few days ago so they could "play". *cough*

I'll be bringing a shipping box to AZ just in case I find a lovely baby that I have to ship home!
Don will be joining me back in NC when I return for my van and my babies and I'm planning on making him take me to all the Petcos along I-95 and I-81 (there are ~13) to see if I can find any one else to add to the collection! Yes, we're up to 20 geckos. I have a problem.  

Good news?

I'm pretty excited for this! Not a whole lot more excited than any other game, but I really was worried that it wouldn't translate well into American culture. But then, people in the US love Japanese things, don't they? 

I'm a fan of spin-off games and this one looks really unique. Granted, I haven't followed any of the Japanese coverage of it, but still! 

Yay? Nay? 


One of my managers is moving soon so she got rid of all her geckos and she sold me her favorite one. 
Her name is Bangle and she's quite pretty (even though I don't like dalmatian spots). 

So I had her with Kuu last night and she started chirping at him!
This means one of two things: get away or I love you. 


I melted a little inside.